We know that disasters can devastate a community, leaving people in urgent need of medical care, housing and other necessities.  Unlike most natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a global impact that affects all of us.  
Clubs and districts can apply for Rotary disaster response grants to support COVID-19 relief efforts.  These grants can be used to provide supplies and medical care and to support rebuilding efforts.  Like all other Rotary Grants, these are matching grants and the maximum grant amount a club or District can apply for is $25,000, based upon availability of funds.  
Since late March, the Rotary Foundation Trustees have approved $3 million to be allocated to the Disaster Relief Fund to make grants immediately available for applications related to COVID-19.  Through donations from districts from their District Designated Funds along with private donations, the fund grew to over $4 million.  Due to the tremendous need, these funds have been depleted. If you would like to make a cash gift to help this fund, please click here.