As we turn the calendar to July it marks the beginning of a new Rotary year.  Although the theme and leadership changes each year, we are all still Rotarians part of the larger family of Rotary.  Each year brings new challenges and changes in Rotary and this year is not different.  However, as we transition from the year of "Rotary: Making a Difference" to a year of "Be the Inspiration", it is important to keep our identity and remember why we serve as Rotarians.  Many of you are often asked, as I am, what is Rotary?  I have many responses to this depending the circumstance of the individual asking.  One of the best way I have found to sum up Rotary is this:  "Rotary is a forward looking global non profit with a community focus".  This statement is true regardless of the current theme or environment we find ourselves in at the moment.  We start with the community, ours or one we may never visit.  We strive to make an improvement in the lives of those in the community and through that, make the world a better place.  This is true each year after year regardless of the changing times.  It's part of our tradition and heritage which drives us as Rotarians.
How we accomplish our goals will change from time to time, but the end goal remains the same, to make the world a better place.  My challenge to you this Rotary year is to examine your club and adapt to the changing environment in which we find ourselves.  Each club is different and one size does not fit all.  Rotary give you the freedom to do what is best for your club and members, and your community.  As you may have heard me say before and will hear again, we need to adapt to allow future generations of Rotarians to experience the power of Rotary.  The rate of change in the world is increasing exponentially.  We can embrace change and adapt or we risk Rotary disappearing someday.  Within Rotary and District 7280 we have knowledgeable, engaged, and driven individuals.  My goal is to encourage you to examine your club, decide if some traditions and practices have become obsolete and invite change, while keeping your identity and focusing on our goal to make the world a better place.  Our District team and I are here to help you.  Finally, I encourage you to share with your members, your prospective members, and your community why you are a Rotarian and the positive impact Rotary has on the world.  Simply put, to "Be the Inspiration".
Welcome to a new Rotary year.  It is my honor and privilege to serve as your District Governor in 2018-2019.
M. Scott Bayline