To empower members to engage Rotary for the enrichment of local and global communities through mission oriented fellowship, experienced leadership and international collaboration and service to others.
                                     KEY GOALS
  • Develop strong leaders
  • Engage existing members, recruit new members and      
                   mentor existing members.
  • Strengthen club support
  • Increase Public Image
  • Build strong communications with clubs
  • Encourage fellowship, connectedness and collaboration
  • Improve Global awareness
  • Enhance district support of local service projects
  • Implement multiple year commitments for district membership, public image and international chairs
  • Periodic review of Strategic Plan effectiveness through surveys of district members.
  • Communicate the strategic plan to clubs and build an
              understanding of how the district can assist
  • Establish regular meeting of district leadership and     
              committees to evaluate effectiveness.
  • Develop toolkit which provides basic information.
         Enhance the webpage to make it more intuitive and keep      
             current with activities and coming events.
  • Encourage relationships through fellowship,
             connectedness and collaboration between clubs.
  • Enhance district support and awareness of local service
  • Evaluate and utilize technology to enhance training.
          MEMBERSHIP –
  •      Establish membership committee with assignment of individual clubs.
  •      Develop and distribute a membership toolkit for new member orientation and mentoring.
  •      Promote membership alternatives – Satellite Clubs, E-Clubs, etc.
  •      Dual membership opportunities with Rotaract.
  •      Promote collaboration between clubs to share membership   
            recruitment, retention and mentoring successes.
    PUBLIC IMAGE -    
  • Establish public image committee comprised of individuals with social 
            media, web, print and radio experience to work with clubs on how
            to implement and use effectively.
  • Develop a toolkit with information and links for clubs.
  • Encourage and guide clubs on how to develop relationships with               
             media outlets.
         LOCAL AWARENESS – Promote programs and activities which  
         support local youth and young leaders programs.
         Promote collaboration with other Rotary clubs and local 
         humanitarian organizations for joint programs and projects.
         NATIONAL AWARNESS – Promote programs and activities
         which support national youth and young leaders programs.
         Promote collaboration with other national organizations and Rotary
         districts for projects or needs.
    GLOBAL AWARENESS -  Promote awareness of individual club
         international projects.
         Increase awareness of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus
         Stress the importance of sustainability for global projects.