This past April, the Rotary Council on Legislation recently concluded their 2019 meeting with some essential changes that clubs and districts will see with the start of the new Rotary year.  
A few things to note are:
1. Even though there were many more items that passed, a lot of them had to do with the overall organization.  The attached document highlights what's happening at the club and district levels.  For a full overview of the COL, Rotarians can visit My Rotary.
2.  You'll see that page one of the document discusses that the language in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution (SRCC) will be modernized to make it more accessible.  It also asks that the reader head to My Rotary to download a copy.  Rotary is still in the process of streamlining the SRC and expects that it will be posted soon.
3.  In line with number 2 above, the 2019 Manual of  Procedure (MOP) is also being drafted and is expected to be released in October.
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact your Area Governor or Ken Fleeson at